Terms & Conditions


Orders for next day delivery should be placed during normal office hours 6am – 4pm Mon-Fri or on our answer machine (0208 577 8601/2/3) overnight. We also operate a Saturday delivery service when necessary. We do have an email ordering system in place, the address for this is:
this address is monitored daily.


We have allergens lists for all products available, although most products now carry this on the labelling. If you require this information for any of the products supplied please contact us on the following email :
or tel : 020 8577 8601/2/3

Delivery & Payment Terms

Minimum delivery is £80, net payment terms are cash on delivery unless a credit account has been authorised by us.

All goods invoiced and delivered remain the property of Fine Frozen Foods Ltd until paid in full, once payment has been made in full the invoice will be completed as a sale of the goods.

All prices in our current list are correct. We will endeavour not to change prices, but we do reserve the right to make changes.

All products are offered subject to availability.
We are unable to accept returns without prior consent being given, this is in order to conform with the Food Safety act 1990.

Whilst every effort is made ensure the accuracy of products and pricing, errors may occur.

Credit Accounts

Credit accounts will be only be offered to customers who provide suitable financial references unless authorised by the company director.

Credit account holders must adhere to the terms of our credit agreement, and be paid by the 14th day of each month following deliveries being made.